Couple looking over their divorce

Factors that Go Into Property Division

Each state has its own set of laws addressing how property is to be divided incident to divorce. Arkansas is an equitable distribution state meaning that, in a dissolution of marriage, marital property will be divided in a manner that is equitable, or fair. While state law asserts that equitable generally means that marital property […]

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Cash and handcuffs representing bail

What Factors Are Considered in a Bail Hearing?

After an arrest, a suspect is taken into custody. After being taken into custody, bail is usually set soon thereafter, usually at the initial court appearance. While bail is most often set according to a pre-established schedule, judges have the ability to raise or lower standard bail. In the alternative, a judge may waive bail […]

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Divided house keychain

How Is Property Divided in an Arkansas Divorce?

The divorce process will address several key issues in order for the marriage to dissolve and the parties start a new chapter in their lives. One of the issues central to divorce is division of property. It can also be one of the more contentious subjects to broach. While some couples are able to reach […]

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Cashier taking money from store.

What Is Considered Felony Theft in Arkansas?

The State of Arkansas defines theft as the taking of another person’s property with the intent of depriving the owner of the property or exercising unauthorized control over the property of another. Theft will also include transferring a property interest without authorization. This is the overarching definition of theft under Arkansas law. There are several […]

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Couple looking over foreclosure documents

How Do You Prove Wrongful Foreclosure?

Homeownership is the dream of many Americans. Unfortunately, economic downturns and inflated home prices have put families across the U.S. in the troubling position of having mortgages they cannot keep up with. The prospect of losing a home is devastating. When you are already under financial stress, it can all seem like too much to […]

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Foreclosure sale

Can You Reverse a Foreclosure Sale?

A foreclosure sale of your home is devastating. On top of financial difficulties, the loss of a home is most likely one of the toughest blows to take. Unfortunately, foreclosure sales do happen. Lenders sell off foreclosed upon property in order to try and recover some or all of the money that is owed on […]

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Two cars in an auto accident.

Is UM/UIM Coverage Worth It?

Arkansas has minimum insurance requirements for all drivers to carry. Arkansas law mandates that drivers carry a minimum of $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident in bodily injury protection. Additionally, drivers must carry $25,000 per accident in property damage coverage. If a person is caught operating a vehicle without having this required insurance coverage, he […]

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Man arrested for a drug crime.

Common Drug Crimes

Drug charges are among some of the most commonly charged criminal actions. If you have been charged with a drug crime, you face potentially severe penalties including substantial fines and incarceration. The State of Arkansas has made a point to crack down on criminal infractions related to controlled substances. If you are facing a drug […]

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Attorney explaining an order of protection to their client.

What Is an Order or Protection?

Being served with an Order of Protection is a serious matter and the repercussions for you, should the Order stand, can be extensive. Eliminating or even minimizing the impacts of this kind of situation requires immediate action. Dedicated legal counsel can help you with this process. Understanding What an Order of Protection Involves Under the […]

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