parents discussing child support with joint custody

Do I Have to Pay Child Support If I have Joint Custody?

In Arkansas, joint custody refers to an arrangement where each parent shares substantial amounts of time with physical custody over their children. This arrangement allows both parents continuous as well as frequent interaction time with their children. The Arkansas Code Annotated empowers family courts in the state to award joint custody, but the guidelines make […]

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wrongful foreclosure of home

Grounds for Challenging a Wrongful Foreclosure

Have you received notice of foreclosure on your home? This can be scary, to say the least. You should not, however, lose hope. First and foremost, not all foreclosure actions are legally sound. Many foreclosure actions can be challenged as wrongful. This is, in large part, because there are extremely detailed and precise requirements that […]

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release of liability

What Is a Release?

You have been through a lot. You have been injured in an accident. You have gone to seemingly endless doctor’s appointments. Your life has changed. You have watched medical bills and other expenses pile up. You have waited patiently to get a good settlement offer. Finally, the process is wrapping up. You have reached an […]

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woman receiving alimony

Will I Still Get Alimony If My Ex Files for Bankruptcy?

Alimony can provide critical financial support. A divorce can have a more significant impact on a person’s finances than may be first considered. Starting a life on your own, carrying the full weight of monthly expenses can be difficult and expensive. Alimony helps with this. In fact, alimony’s purpose is to help parties to a […]

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child support

How Can I Pay Child Support?

Regardless of being married, never being married, or being formerly married, both parents have an ongoing obligation to provide financial support for their children. Parents may enter into their own agreements regarding child support, but such agreements must still, at a minimum, meet state guidelines and receive court approval to be valid. These requirements are […]

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