woman receiving alimony

Will I Still Get Alimony If My Ex Files for Bankruptcy?

Alimony can provide critical financial support. A divorce can have a more significant impact on a person’s finances than may be first considered. Starting a life on your own, carrying the full weight of monthly expenses can be difficult and expensive. Alimony helps with this. In fact, alimony’s purpose is to help parties to a […]

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child support

How Can I Pay Child Support?

Regardless of being married, never being married, or being formerly married, both parents have an ongoing obligation to provide financial support for their children. Parents may enter into their own agreements regarding child support, but such agreements must still, at a minimum, meet state guidelines and receive court approval to be valid. These requirements are […]

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personal injury

What Happens at a Personal Injury Trial?

Despite insurance companies being often difficult to work with, most personal injury claims are settled before the need for a full-blown trial arises. There are, however, instances when an insurance company refuses to increase a settlement offer to one that fully and fairly compensates an injury victim for losses sustained due to the action or […]

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What Do I Do If My Spouse Asks for a Divorce?

Hearing your spouse actually say that they want a divorce can be a harsh reality to face. This can be true whether you were expecting it or not. The actual words being spoken out loud can be a game-changer. As the reality of the situation starts to surface more and more, there are steps you […]

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How Long Am I Expected to Pay Alimony?

Alimony is also referred to as “spousal support” or “spousal maintenance.” An often highly contentious aspect of divorce, alimony is a court order requiring one spouse to provide financial support to the other spouse either during or after a divorce. The specifics of the laws relating to alimony will greatly vary between states. Furthermore, a […]

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