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The Crittenden County Courthouse is located in Marion, Arkansas. The two-story stone and brick structure was built in 1911 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Crittenden County judge presides over Quorum Court, which has administrative and budgetary authority over county government operations. The county judge appoints board members, prepares annual budgets, and holds hearings. The county judge is also head of disaster relief, civil defense, and the road department.

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Do you have a divorce, child custody, or other family law matter you’d like to discuss with an attorney? Have you been injured by another person’s negligence in Crittenden County? If so, you will need to bring your case before the Crittenden County courthouse. Attorney Bryce Cook will advocate for your legal rights. Contact Bryce Cook, an experienced Crittenden County lawyer, today to schedule a free consultation.

Filing for Divorce in Crittenden County

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant experience. However, working with a caring and effective lawyer can help you through the process as smoothly as possible. Attorney Bryce Cook can help you regain your sense of stability, protect your interest, and transition more smoothly into the next chapter of your life. He will also help you understand all of the requirements for filing for divorce in Arkansas.

In Arkansas, you or your spouse must be a resident of the state for at least 60 days before you file your divorce petition. You will need to wait at least three months before an Arkansas judge will enter your final divorce decree. If you are pursuing a no-fault divorce, you must have lived apart from your spouse for at least 18 months before you file. 

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, it’s essential to have a competent lawyer on your side. Attorney Bryce Cook will advocate strongly to ensure that you are treated fairly regarding alimony, property division, and child custody matters

Orders of Protection in Crittenden County

In Arkansas, judges can issue an order of protection, also known as a restraining order, involving stalking, domestic violence, and child custody issues. When one person has reason to believe that another person is a threat to his or her safety, he or she can petition the court for an order of protection. Orders of protection and usually require the alleged offender to stay away from the person seeking the order of protection. In other words, the person named on the order of protection cannot contact the petitioner physically or electronically.

Orders of protection are serious in Arkansas and can negatively affect housing, employment, and child visitation. Whether you would like to pursue an order of protection, or you’ve been served with an order of protection in Crittenden County, attorney Bryce Cook can help. He is committed to protecting his client’s rights. He will attend the order of protection hearing and make compelling arguments on your behalf to persuade the judge.

Crittenden County Child Custody Matters 

Child custody matters can be some of the most contentious issues in divorce cases. If you are considering divorce and you’re a parent, you may be concerned about keeping custody of your child. Perhaps you’re concerned about your soon-to-be ex-spouse having custody of your children. In Arkansas, judges make child custody determinations based on the best interest of the child. Attorney Bryce Cook will advocate for you and your child to obtain the best child custody arrangement available. He can also help you petition the court to modify your child custody agreement if you’ve experienced a significant life change.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

If you or someone you love have suffered a serious personal injury in Crittenden County, it’s crucial that you discuss your case with the lawyer as soon as possible. Under Arkansas law, victims who become injured from another person’s negligence have the right to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. The financial stress resulting from medical costs, lost income, and property damage can be devastating for Arkansas families. Attorney Bryce Cook will review your case carefully to determine the best way to pursue compensation.

With a track record of success and a decade of experience in personal injury cases, he will negotiate for the best settlement offer or verdict possible. If you decide to pursue compensation through an insurance settlement, he will protect your rights and hold the insurance company accountable. Insurance companies are notorious for refusing to pay out a fair amount of compensation. Working with a skilled lawyer will increase your chances of obtaining all of the compensation you need to receive ongoing medical care and pay your bills.

Obtain Help With a Wrongful Foreclosure Lawyer 

During these uncertain times, many Arkansas residents are struggling to pay their mortgages. The thought of losing our home is deeply unsettling, as nothing is more important to us than our families. A foreclosure also has a negative stigma in our culture. If your home is foreclosed upon, you will have the emotional challenge of moving out of your family home. You may also have difficulty finding a new place to live.

Attorney Bryce Cook has helped many Northeastern Arkansas families prevent or delay the closure of their homes. You may think that there’s nothing you can do to stop the foreclosure of your home. However, there are several ways an experienced attorney can fight a wrongful foreclosure process. After reviewing your case, attorney Bryce Cook will develop a compelling legal strategy to help you stay in your home

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Whether you would like to file for divorce or you need to seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit, attorney Bryce Cook is here to help. He has extensive experience representing clients in a wide range of issues throughout northeast Arkansas. Attorney Bryce Cook will give your case the individual attention it deserves and advocate for the best outcome possible in your case. Contact the Law Offices of Bryce Cook today to schedule your free initial consultation.