expert witness in personal injury trial

The Role of the Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Trial

Unfortunately, it is likely that you know someone who has been injured in an accident and brought a personal injury claim seeking compensation for the harm they have suffered. What is much less likely, however, is for you to know someone whose personal injury claim has gone all the way to trial with a personal injury claim. That is because the overwhelming majority of personal injury claims end up settling out of court. Some claims do, however, necessitate going to trial to pursue full and fair monetary recovery for a claimant. If you have been injured in an accident, you are likely overwhelmed and want to get a sense of the possible road ahead for your claim. While the odds are that your claim will settle way before the need for a lawsuit ever arises, knowing what could happen at a personal injury trial should your claim be headed in that direction, can help you get a handle on the situation.

There are many moving parts in any type of trial. There are exhibits to prepare and witnesses to assemble and prep. There will be lay witnesses. These are people that have first-hand knowledge relevant to the case, such as those that were at the scene of the accident and saw it happen. Then there are expert witnesses. We will discuss more on what an expert witness is and what the role of the expert witness can be in a personal injury trial.

The Role of the Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Trial

While a lay witness is qualified to testify at a personal injury trial because of their personal knowledge regarding relevant facts of the case, an expert witness is qualified to testify at a personal injury trial because he or she possesses specialized education, experience, or training in an area that is relevant to the case at hand. Prior to giving testimony, an expert witness will be asked to relay his or her qualifications for speaking to a particular subject. He or she will then be asked to use that knowledge base to explain or clarify certain issues in the case.

Expert witnesses can be a critical part of a successful personal injury trial. The fact that these witnesses possess specialized knowledge and speak from a place of objectivity means that judges and juries tend to give their testimony great weight. Furthermore, when there are muddled facts or opinions surrounding a case, an expert witness can shed light and work to clarify some of the essential issues in a case. Are there questions about liability and how the accident actually occurred? An accident reconstruction expert witness can clarify this. Are there questions as to what injuries were caused by the accident and what were preexisting conditions? A medical expert can speak to this. Is it unclear as to how a person’s injuries impacted employability and job prospects? A vocational expert may be useful in such a situation.

The objective nature of the expert witness testimony can be a force in a personal injury trial. It can also be highly informative and persuasive on the outcome of the case. This is why the role of an expert witness in a personal injury trial is such an important one.

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