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Car Accident Shoulder Injury? Here’s the Possible Medical Treatment in your Future

You may take for granted the ease and mobility of moving your shoulder until you sustain a shoulder injury in a car accident. A should injury can be extremely painful. It can also be very limiting as it can greatly impede mobility and use of your arm. If you have injured your shoulder in a car accident, getting immediate medical care and complying with doctor recommendations for follow-up care should be at the top of your list of things to do. Failure to properly address shoulder injuries can greatly jeopardize your chances of successfully recovering from your injury and can also lead you to needlessly suffer more pain. Furthermore, failure to get immediate medical care and receive consistent follow-up medical care can also jeopardize your right to recover full and fair compensation for your injury through a personal injury claim. Medical evidence will be of paramount importance to a successful injury claim and that means getting the treatment you need.

Car Accident Shoulder Injury? Here’s the Possible Medical Treatment in your Future

The force of impact in a car accident can have devastating consequences for your body. In a car accident, there are a number of shoulder injuries that are commonly sustained. For instance, shoulder dislocation is a commonly sustained car accident injury. The force of impact causes the shoulder to be forced out of alignment. To say that this can be painful may be a gross understatement. While a shoulder dislocation may not merit surgery, it is a possibility. If you are not a surgical candidate after a shoulder dislocation, it is likely that your shoulder will be popped back into place, and you will be ordered to use a sling to avoid exacerbating the injury or sustaining a new injury.

You may also have sustained a shoulder fracture as a result of a car accident. Fractures to the shoulder blade, upper arm bone, or collarbone can all be considered shoulder fractures as these bones play an integral role in the ability of a shoulder to fully function. More serious fractures may necessitate shoulder surgery. In some cases, an injury victim may need a complete shoulder replacement. In other cases, a car accident injury with a milder shoulder fracture may be ordered to use a sling to stabilize the area as the fracture heals, but will not need to undergo surgery.

In the treatment journeys of both surgical candidates and nonsurgical candidates who have sustained shoulder injuries in a car accident, there is likely to be physical therapy in order to increase the strength of the area as well as stretches encouraging flexibility and building back mobility to the area. Additionally, massage therapy may be recommended to aid in the healing process and reduce pain as well as swelling. It is also likely that prescription pain medication will be recommended to manage pain and reduce swelling.

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