drowsy person driving car

Unsafe Driving Habits of Teens

Teens on the road can be unsettling to all of us. For those of us with teen drivers in our household, you may very well worry about their own inexperience or questionable driving practices. Alternatively, you may worry about others on the road who are distracted or otherwise not driving safely. For those of us […]

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car accident

Stay Safe on the Roads this Winter

We have already seen some devastating weather patterns this winter in Arkansas. In addition to the wet and icy conditions of winter, there have also been extreme wind patterns and even tornados crashing through the state. With winter still a reality for us for a few more months, it continues to be important to stay […]

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Personal Injury Claim form with pen and glasses

Jury Selection and Your Personal Injury Case

Once you have reached maximum medical improvement (MMI) for your accident injuries, your attorney is likely to submit a demand letter to the insurance company providing coverage to the person at-fault for causing your accident injuries. The demand letter will detail what happened in the accident itself, your injuries, your medical treatment for your injuries, […]

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release of liability

What Is a Release?

You have been through a lot. You have been injured in an accident. You have gone to seemingly endless doctor’s appointments. Your life has changed. You have watched medical bills and other expenses pile up. You have waited patiently to get a good settlement offer. Finally, the process is wrapping up. You have reached an […]

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personal injury

What Happens at a Personal Injury Trial?

Despite insurance companies being often difficult to work with, most personal injury claims are settled before the need for a full-blown trial arises. There are, however, instances when an insurance company refuses to increase a settlement offer to one that fully and fairly compensates an injury victim for losses sustained due to the action or […]

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