What Do I Do If My Spouse Asks for a Divorce?

Hearing your spouse actually say that they want a divorce can be a harsh reality to face. This can be true whether you were expecting it or not. The actual words being spoken out loud can be a game-changer. As the reality of the situation starts to surface more and more, there are steps you will want to take to protect yourself and help prepare for the road ahead. If you still think the marriage can be saved, and both you and your spouse are willing to put in the work, you may want to ask your spouse if you both should go to marriage counseling. If you both have come to terms with the fact that divorce would be in everyone’s best interests, then now is the time to get things in order.

What Do I Do If My Spouse Asks for a Divorce?

Even in the most amicable of divorces, it can be an emotional time. It marks the end of something deeply personal and the unwinding of otherwise intertwined lives. After your spouse informs you that he or she wants a divorce, it can be all too easy to dissolve into some powerful emotions. Try your best to stay calm. A level head will serve you well throughout the process. Avoid making any sort of promises, especially at this time. Additionally, do not give into any threats your spouse may be making in regards to holding things hostage, such as certain marital assets or child custody arrangements. Instead, focus on retaining trusted legal counsel so you know your rights regarding such matters.

Unless you are in an unsafe situation, consider staying put in the marital home. This is especially true if you have children. If you leave and your spouse stays in the home with the children, a court may see this situation as working out and consider simply staying the course when it comes to custody arrangements

You should also make it a priority to get your finances in order. Take steps to protect your credit. Monitor your credit reports to see if your spouse is racking up sizeable amounts of debt. This debt could very well become yours during divorce proceedings. Should you have joint accounts with your spouse, consider contacting those institutions and requesting joint authorization for any withdraws on an account. This way, your spouse will have to have your authorization prior to accessing anything held in the joint account.

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If your spouse has asked for a divorce, take action now to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. At the Law Office of Bryce Cook, we are here to provide you with trusted legal counsel and support services to help you not only survive a divorce but thrive after divorce. We do this by protecting your best interests and working with you to help ensure you have the tools you need to set up a bright future for yourself after divorce. Contact the Law Offices of Bryce Cook today.