constitutional violations

The Role of Constitutional Violations in a Defense

The U.S. Constitution provides foundational rights for all Americans. These rights remain intact for those suspected of criminal activity and for those facing criminal charges. If your rights have been violated during any step that led to you being charged with a crime, then there may be certain remedies available or made available to you […]

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defendant being cross-examined

How to Prepare to be Cross-Examined

If you have been listed as a witness at a criminal trial, you may be anxious about what to expect on the stand. The side that listed you as a witness, either defense or the prosecution, will be able to question you first on what is referred to as “direct.” After direct, which can actually […]

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man charged with aggravated assault

Common Defenses in Aggravated Assault Cases

In Arkansas, there are several levels of assault. There is assault in the first, second, and third-degree. There is also aggravated assault, which is the most serious. Aggravated assault is, in fact, a felony (Class D). The other levels of assault are misdemeanors. To be convicted of aggravated assault, a person must have shown an […]

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Cash and handcuffs representing bail

What Factors Are Considered in a Bail Hearing?

After an arrest, a suspect is taken into custody. After being taken into custody, bail is usually set soon thereafter, usually at the initial court appearance. While bail is most often set according to a pre-established schedule, judges have the ability to raise or lower standard bail. In the alternative, a judge may waive bail […]

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Man arrested for a drug crime.

Common Drug Crimes

Drug charges are among some of the most commonly charged criminal actions. If you have been charged with a drug crime, you face potentially severe penalties including substantial fines and incarceration. The State of Arkansas has made a point to crack down on criminal infractions related to controlled substances. If you are facing a drug […]

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